Three Fantasy Books Worth Binging this Fall

The fall season is a time to cozy up with a good book, a nice cup of coffee or tea, a snuggly blanket, and enjoy the peace and quiet a childfree life has graciously gifted you. What could possibly make this better? A few new fantasy worlds to lose yourself in! Check out these fantasy books worth binging this Fall! 

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Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao

This fierce, childfree icon of a character is everything you want out of both fantasy and sci-fi! Xian Jay Zhao magically binds your attention in this mechanized retelling of the first (and only) female emperor of China! 

Raised in a farming province, Wu Zetian breaks through every societal chain, whether it be patriarchy, generational trauma, or toxic family obligations. With bound feet and fierce determination, she utilizes her mind to unapologetically avenge the lives of fallen women while unashamedly searching for power in a world of mechanized war. 

This is one of the few truly childfree main characters we’ve encountered out on the wild. Be sure to pick this one up!

The Bone Season Series by Samantha Shannon 

This (yet unfinished) series follows Paige, a young woman with unique clairvoyance, caught in a world of gangs, violence, and the Aether. Set in England in a universe where clairvoyance is seen as a national and international threat, gifted individuals are forced to hide their talents or face brutal criminal prosecution, forcing them into a world of underground gangs, with ruthless Mime Lords, and black markets.

In this world, you’re only as safe as your Mime Lord makes you, so when the black market starts trafficking more than just goods, the entire syndicate is put in danger. Through Paige‘s involvement in the underground, she quickly gets pulled into a world far beyond that of her imagination, with powerful beings that have the ability to both liberate and destroy, who are simultaneously protectors, and oppressors. 

The Eragon Series by Christopher Paolini 

This might seem a bit too YA (Young Adult) for this crowd, but this fantasy series is being revived! After 12 years, the next addition to the series is being released. Keep your eyes out for Murtagh: The World Dragon, available on November 7, 2023. 

In a world where dragon riders are extinct, a young farm boy named Eragon discovers a strange stone in the woods, only to discover that it is a dragon egg. Over the next four books, Eragon fights against a power-hungry king, maneuvering through worlds of magic, discovering lost spells, people, and cultures, all while working to revive the dragon riders and save the land of Alagaesia from corruption. 

Chyldfree Book Rating System

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Main character pregnancy and/or parenting tropes, but they are relevant to the plot
Filled with pregnancy and parenting or there was a “CF” (childfree) character and they “changed their mind”

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