Welcome to the Chyldfree Book Club

Hey there, awesome reader, and welcome to the Chyldfree Book Club – the coolest place for bookworms who choose to be childfree! Now, you might be scratching your head and wondering, “What in the world is a Chyldfree Book Club?” Don’t worry, I get it! Our book club is a bit different from your usual book hangouts. Sure, we’ll share reviews and suggestions for fantastic reads, but here’s the twist – we’re all about celebrating the rarest and most amazing creatures in literature: childfree characters!

Too often, childfree characters are portrayed negatively or their stance is treated as a flaw to overcome. Regardless of the genre – whether it be fantasy, fiction, thriller, etc. – childfree characters are portrayed as villains or even worse – they are described as being childfree only to end up wanting children in the end after they overcome an emotional barrier or some other reason. Yikes!

This isn’t to say that we won’t talk about or include books that include parenting or pregnancy. Quite the opposite! We hope to make it clear when such tropes, devices, or characters exist so you, the reader, can make an informed choice. That way you can choose to peruse the pages of a story fully knowing what you’re walking into and anyone with tokophobia can completely avoid stories that utilize pregnancy tropes.

All books are beautiful in their own way! There are so many different kinds of books because there are so many different kinds of readers. We hope that this will be a space where everyone feels welcome. We hope you’ll come on this journey with us where we hunt down the best childfree characters out there while also featuring a plethora of book genres!

Sarah’s Unique Rating System

So here is the best part of the Chyldfree Book Club. We’ve got a rating system! At a glance, you can determine whether is a “ “ a champion for the childfree community, or a ” “a no go, essentially a parenting and pregnancy book. We also have a few other options in between.

Please note that this rating system is not meant to discourage anyone from reading these books! The purpose is to give you a content heads-up without having to look too hard. Then you can read to your heart’s content!

Quick disclaimer: no one is perfect so if we make a mistake, please know it’s not meant to be misleading. Simply let us know and we’ll fix it.

The main character is childfree and sticks to it – a winner for our community!
No main character pregnancy or parenting tropes although there may be touches of it here and there for other characters
Main character pregnancy and/or parenting tropes, but they are relevant to the plot
Filled with pregnancy and parenting or there was a “CF” (childfree) character and they “changed their mind”

About Sarah Rogers

Now it may shock you, but Sarah is not a writer, author, or literary academic (gasp!). She is simply a childfree millennial who loves to read and is doing the best she can. Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Sarah received her undergraduate degree in Sociology and Criminology. Why you may ask? Well, she’s not sure. Everyone kept saying she would know what she wanted to be when she grew up. But she’s long since graduated college and still hasn’t figured it out.

In true nomadic millennial style, she moved to the big city of Toronto after college but quickly got restless and decided to sell everything she owned and buy a one-way ticket to Australia. She sort of figured it out as she went. Nine months later she met her husband (yes, she met an American in Australia as a Canadian, the math doesn’t math but whatever…). Then she moved to New Zealand for 5 months before finally moving to California to be with her husband. Five and a ton of immigration paperwork later. Sarah lives in Texas as a dual citizen with her husband while they await his next work location assignment.

Now, what does any of this have to do with reading and book reviews? Sarah has spent her whole life reading. Her best friends were and still are books. Once she turned 30, she decided to rekindle her love of literature and dove right back in! Now between her full-time work, finishing her master’s degree, and living a blissful childfree life, Sarah is Chyldfree’s newest columnist. We are delighted to have her onboard.

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