Four Witchy Reads for this Spooky Season

Bust out the brooms and the bubbly it’s time for some witchy reads this spooky season! In the mood for some strong women with strong powers? Magic and mayhem? Cozy but with a dash of chaos? Then check out these Four Witchy Reads for this Spooky Season!

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Cackle by Rachel Harrison

After her boyfriend of 10 years decides their relationship has lost its spark, Annie leaves her New York City home and moves upstate to start a new life. In her he adorable and somewhat magical little town, Annie is befriended by a beautiful, talented, and enchanting woman named Sophie who takes her under her wing and tries desperately to nurture the magic within. Sophie herself struggles socially, especially when it comes to friendships. She can feel forceful and dominating, but she has been hurt many times by many people over many years. 

Together Sophie and Annie work to find balance within themselves and with each other. Although both women have issues socializing for different reasons, they manage to create a genuine friendship. This story follows their ups and downs and has moments of true vindication. 

Annie’s anxieties and self-doubt embody the struggles many women have in the face of societal pressures and relationships. Although she may feel tedious at times, she is real and relatable in a way that many readers will resonate with.

And, of course, we LOVE that the witch in this story is a childfree *icon!* Not only does she vocalize her CF choice, but the fact that she’s hundreds of years old and hasn’t changed her mind is a massive win for the childfree community. She is single by choice; having that representation is amazing. This is a cozy, comfort read, full of magic and a few friendly spiders. We promise you won’t be able to stop smiling when Ralph is around! 

The Thirteen Black Cats of Edith Penn by Sean McDonough

Buckle up because you’re in for a ride! Equal parts witchy and grotesque, this story follows a lingering magic and search for revenge. After the local town witch dies leaving her 13 black cats to the mercy of the local animal control department, they somehow manage to escape, binding their fate to new mistresses. 

The story follows several key characters as their new furry companions bring out magic within in each new owner in order to achieve their own mysterious ends. Out of either love or duty, these cats can’t seem to leave their former witchy master alone, and in their search for her,  they cause both elation and chaos. However, all their magical gifts, spurred by a selfish desire,  come with a price. Watch as these beautiful creatures unwind their sleepy town in search of companionship and power. 

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire

We’ve all heard the story of Dorothy in the magical land of Oz and her battles with the Wicked Witch of the West. But did you ever stop to consider what it was like for the Wicked Witch? 

Some of you may already know this spellbinding story due to the incredible Broadway play based on the written retelling. But we promise you it’s worth diving into the book itself! Follow the life of Elphaba, the so-called ‘Wicked’ Witch of the West, through her entire life to watch her struggle through social interactions, being shunned by the community, her descent into radical thinking and actions, and eventually death by Dorothy. It’s a unique and, at times, beautiful way to see how sometimes the world turns people into monsters. 

As a side note, have you ever wondered how someone is killed by water baths? This book tells you how! 

Warning: mention of pregnancy and sexual assault 

The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow

Three wayward sisters, who possess an ancient power they have yet to fully unlock, reunite to save women from the injustices of a post-witch-burning Salem, and bring back magic to them all. Through discovery, history, secrets, clues, and magic, the sisters bring together women across social lines that seek to divide us. This book delves into the fight for women’s suffrage and the overarching oppression that keeps women against each other and torn from our magic. 

Read this book if you want to be connected to knowledge, power, history, and the magic all women possess. Oh, and it finally explains why we can’t have pockets in our clothes. 

This book discusses pregnancy with one of the characters, but it’s relevant to the plot and definitely worth the read!

The main character is childfree and sticks to it – a winner for our community!
No main character pregnancy or parenting tropes although there may be touches of it here and there for other characters
Main character pregnancy and/or parenting tropes, but they are relevant to the plot
Filled with pregnancy and/or parenting or there was a “CF” (childfree) character and they “changed their mind”

Must Read

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