Meet Jared Hansen: Childfree Advocate Making Waves in Florida

In the heart of a conservative stronghold of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Jared Hansen had an inspiration – to create an online childfree community focused on living one’s best life rather than complaining about children and parents. With years of experience managing AOL and Yahoo groups, Jared was well aware of the task ahead. 

In 2019, Jared breathed life into the Facebook group “Best Childfree Life Possible,” driven solely by the desire to unite kindred spirits. Little did Jared anticipate that this endeavor would not only forge connections but also ignite a flame in his own life – an unexpected romance blossomed as he crossed paths with his current girlfriend, Josie, the other only group member to identify herself as living in Jared’s new hometown of Fort Myers, Florida. 

With over 9,500 members globally, Jared is proud that the group offers a platform for members to share their childfree experiences and make local connections. As hands-on leader, Jared keeps the group stoked by soliciting feedback.

Jared’s own journey to choosing a childfree life began in his teens when he realized that parenthood did not align with his goals and interests. A self-proclaimed “black sheep,” Jared chose a childfree life as a teen, feeling alone until he discovered the term “childfree” online, read Laura Carroll’s The Baby Matrix, and connected with others like himself. 

At 37, Jared continues to advocate for the childfree choice to be respected and normalized worldwide. He aims to grow the movement by empowering more childfree people to share their stories and leads by example, speaking openly about his sterilization and his own reasons for being childfree:

1. Financial Freedom: Simply put, kids are expensive, from daily costs to college savings. After watching his mother struggle to make ends meet, working two jobs to provide for himself and his sister, Jared envisioned a better financial outlook for himself.

2. Environmental Concerns: Jared believes human overpopulation strains limited resources and damages the planet. Remaining childfree reduces environmental impact.

3. Personal Goals: Kids require immense time and responsibility. Jared prefers focusing energy on his travels, hobbies, career goals, and relationships.  

Beyond managing his thriving online community, Jared conceived the Childfree Convention, the first conference dedicated to the childfree choice, which kicked off in 2021. He served as Head of Tech for the first two years, directing the live stream and coordinating global speakers. 

He also created and would love to expand the “Childfree 5K and 10K Virtual Run,” an  international event where childfree people walk or run to raise awareness of the lifestyle. 

With his pioneering Facebook group, grassroots events, and the Childfree Convention, Jared Hansen has created vital community spaces and megaphones for the childfree choice. He is a great example of how one dedicated person can bring visibility and validation to a marginalized social movement. Jared plans to continue this work so future generations can pursue childfreedom without stigma or isolation.


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