Chill with Suspense: Three Riveting Thrillers for a November Night

Our last book club post gave you the warm and fuzzies with a list of cozy books to snuggle up to this November, but our new recommendations are anything but cozy. Buckle up for some fun thrillers to keep you guessing this November.

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Holly by Stephen King

Holly has been a recurring character in some of Stephen King’s books, but we want to assure you that this new story is perfect as a stand-alone read! No need to dig through the piles of King’s book for a backstory – you can jump right into this new story of Holly, a private investigator with a rough past and an even rougher future! 

In a town filled with beautiful Victorian homes that prides itself on academia and community, two intelligent, elderly professors strive to retire in love and peace. But things aren’t always as they seem. Set during COVID, Holly is hired to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a college student. She soon finds a string of missing people with vague connections and similar vanishing patterns.

Holly follows the trail of missing people and somehow winds up at the door of the sweet retirees. It isn’t long before Holly is caught up in something bigger than she could imagine! It’s amazing how our tastes change as we age. 

For sure to keep you turning pages, check out Stephen King’s Holly!

The Stranger Upstairs by Lisa M. Matlin

This novel follows Sarah, a popular therapist with a best-selling book and a strong Instagram following. In a bid to elevate her social standing, she and her husband make a daring move—purchasing a house with a dark past, shrouded in mystery. Nestled in an exclusive suburban enclave steeped in old money and lingering suspicion, Sarah, her husband, and their feline companion dive into the challenging endeavor of renovating this once-majestic yet now dilapidated home. 

But soon they learn that the house simply does not want to be fixed. The story swiftly unravels into a tumult of disgruntled neighbors, exorbitant and hesitant contractors, and a plethora of secrets concealed within both the house and the lives of its new owners. 

Watch as Sarah’s seemingly idyllic life begins to crumble, revealing secrets even more unsettling than her ominous house and her drifting husband.

& Such Sharp Teeth by Rachel Harrison

Quick note: This book has a vocally childfree main character and we are HERE for it! However, it is not tokophobia-friendly. 

Meet Rory, a woman living life to the fullest with a penchant for excitement and ambition. Her journey unfolds as she returns to her hometown to support her pregnant twin sister through the challenges of impending motherhood. While Rory remains a fantastic childfree protagonist, be prepared for some discussions around pregnancy.

After a night of reconnecting with an old flame at a local bar, Rory heads back to her sister’s place, only to have her evening take a macabre turn. What she initially thinks is a collision with an innocent creature on the road turns out to be an unexpected encounter with a deer thath was to be someone’s dinner. A chase through the woods and a mysterious attack later, Rory wakes up in the hospital with minor injuries and an unusual craving for meat.

Join Rory on her journey of grappling with her transformed life, newfound appetites, and a surprisingly logical response to being a werewolf. Along the way, she unravels traumatic experiences, uncovering the mystery of her lycanthropic existence and the identity of her mysterious attacker.

With elements of gore, comedy, mystery, and a whole lot of fun, this thriller romcom promises an engaging read that will leave you devouring pages!

Our Rating System

The main character is childfree and sticks to it – a winner for our community!
No main character pregnancy or parenting tropes although there may be touches of it here and there for other characters
Main character pregnancy and/or parenting tropes, but they are relevant to the plot
Filled with pregnancy and parenting or there was a “CF” (childfree) character and they “changed their mind”

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