Boo-tifully Easy Halloween Activities (That Aren’t Parties!)

Halloween is a great time to dust off your broomstick and have a hauntingly good time!  While parties are classic traditions for October 31st, there are plenty of other delightful and eerie activities to enjoy! Whether you’re flying solo, spending time with family, or gathering a group of friends, we’ve got a bone-chilling list of fun things to do on Halloween that go beyond the typical party scene. 

Visit a Farm

Want a night of bone-chilling agricultural activities? Then you’ll find only the best options at your local farms! From corn mazes to apple picking sites to haunted hayrides, there’s sure to be an activity that strikes your fancy. Do a search for farms in your area and you’re likely to find a buffet of activities to choose from.

Find the Ghosts in Your Area

Ever wanted to be a Ghost Hunter? Well, thanks to the internet, now you (sorta) can be! Check out some of the most haunted, ghost-filled places in your city. 

If you live in or near a larger metropolitan city, you’re in luck! Your local haunts likely have their own ghost tours or, if you’re looking for a little more booze to your boo’s, you might consider checking out the haunted pub crawls near you. You’re sure to find a spirit that suits you!

Rent a Cabin in the Woods

If you want a truly immersive haunting, nothing beats renting a spooky cabin in the woods. This is an adventure best done with more than one person –  If you’re really daring, pick a cabin nestled in a historically haunted city, like Savannah, Salem, or Sleepy Hollow, and prepare to be spooked! And if you feel like being meta, you can rent your cabin in the woods while also watching Cabin in the Woods

DIY Scarecrow Competition

Get ready to channel your creativity to make a one-of-a-kind scarecrow that will terrify any pesky ghouls looking to haunt you! Gather up some old clothes, some crafts, maybe some broomsticks, and other odds-and-ends to create a character that’ll strike fear into the hearts of any critter crossing your lawn. Don’t worry too much about making it look realistic – the more ridiculous, the better! Once the scarecrows are complete, display them in your front yard for a spooky showdown. Don’t forget to award prizes for the scariest, funniest, and most creative scarecrows!

Cemetery Stroll

While it may sound unconventional, taking a stroll through a historic cemetery can be a simultaneously haunting and thoughtful way to spend Halloween. This tour of the past offers an opportunity to reflect on history, pay respects to those who have moved on, and appreciate the architecture of tombstone design and cemetery landscaping. Some cemeteries offer guided tours that offer intriguing stories and insights about the individuals buried there. The only caveat here is to please be sure to show respect for the resting souls, follow all rules and regulations, and be careful when venturing into the land of the dead. The spirits of the departed may still linger in these hallowed grounds!

Ghostly Game Night

If you’re not in the mood for a  or a visit to the community cemetery, consider having a Halloween-themed game night. Board games like “Clue” or more elaborate set-ups like “Pumpkin Bowling” can be the perfect way for you and a partner or close friend to enjoy a low-key Halloween. Prepare some ghoulish snacks and beverages, and you’re all set for a night of friendly (or fiendish) night of competition!

Volunteer at a Haunted House

Rather than being scared, why not be the one doing the scaring? Many haunted houses and attractions rely on volunteers to create a bone-chilling experience for visitors. Whether you take tickets or are part of an army of zombies, you’re guaranteed to have a fun and spooky time while contributing to your community.

If these ideas sound cool but you’re on the mood to party, check out this article, “A Night of Fright: Ideas for Your Adults-Only Halloween Bash.”


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