The Ultimate List of TV Shows that Celebrate Being Childfree

Are you tired of feeling like you’re the only one who doesn’t want kids? Do you feel judged or pressured by society for choosing not to have children? Fear not! There are plenty of TV shows out there that celebrate childfree lifestyles and offer a fresh perspective on this often-stigmatized choice. 

Here are some of our favorites by genre with the show’s IMBD rating and link. 

Action and Thriller

Jessica Jones – 7.9

Jessica Jones is a Marvel superhero series centered around none other than Jessica Jones, a superpowered private investigator who has more time to battle crime and explore herself. And what superhero has time to deal with kids? Not Jessica Jones, that’s for sure.


Barry centers around the life of Barry Berkman, a former U.S. Marine and Afghanistan veteran hailing from Cleveland. He leads a double life as a professional assassin, battling the overwhelming emotions of isolation, despair, and remorse stemming from both his career and the choices he made while serving in the military.

Killing Eve – 8.1

Killing Eve is a spy thriller series featuring a cat-and-mouse game between a skilled assassin (Jodie Comer) and a British intelligence agent (Sandra Oh). The show focuses on their complex relationship and the pursuit of personal, professional, and often violent goals rather than parenthood.

The Flash – 7.5

The Flash is a superhero series based on the DC Comics character Barry Allen, who becomes Flash after gaining superhuman speed through a scientific accident. The show primarily focuses on Barry’s dual life as a forensic scientist and a superhero, protecting his city from various metahuman threats. The central theme of the show centers on Barry’s mission to make a positive impact on his community and the world, rather than parenthood or family life.


30 Rock – 8.3

30 Rock is a workplace comedy set in the entertainment industry, specifically NBC’s New York office located in 30 Rockefeller Plaza. While the show doesn’t directly address parenthood, it celebrates the quirks and eccentricities of its characters’ lives, which often revolve around their careers and personal aspirations rather than raising kids.

Angie Tribeca – 7.0

Angie Tribeca is a satirical police procedural comedy series that parodies the conventions of classic crime dramas and police shows. The series follows the titular character, Angie Tribeca (Rashida Jones), a dedicated, highly skilled detective, as she and her team solve absurd and bizarre crimes in a fictional LAPD precinct.

While the show doesn’t primarily focus on family or personal relationships, it humorously explores the world of law enforcement and crime-solving, highlighting the often over-the-top scenarios and eccentric characters encountered by the detectives, providing a lighthearted and entertaining escape from the traditional family-oriented content often seen on television.

Broad City 8.4

Broad City is a comedy series that follows the adventures of two best friends attempting to navigate life in New York City. The show humorously portrays their carefree, often chaotic lives. While each episode sends the characters down bizarre paths, these two heroines always end up being fully capable of handling whatever life gives them without children around.

Community – 8.5

Community is a comedy series set in a community college and follows a diverse group of students (all above 18) and highlights the quirky dynamics of their friendships as they pursue various and often obscure goals at their local community college. The show mainly focuses on personal development, friendships, and educational pursuits rather than the experience of parenthood.

Cougar Town – 7.0

Cougar Town stars Courteney Cox as a recently divorced woman navigating her single life. The show touches on themes of independence, self-discovery, and the joy of pursuing one’s passions without the responsibilities of parenthood.

Crashing – 7.6

Crashing is a comedy series that follows the semi-fictional journey of Pete Holmes. The show mainly focuses on the personal life of Holmes and how they clash with ups and downs of life as an early career as a stand-up comedian.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – 7.8

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a musical-comedy series that centers around the life of Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom), a successful but unhappy lawyer living in New York City. When she unexpectedly encounters her ex-boyfriend, Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III), Rebecca decides to move to Josh’s hometown of West Covina, California in pursuit of love and happiness.

Dharma & Greg – 6.4

Dharma & Greg is a comedy series that explores the unconventional romance between Dharma Finkelstein (Jenna Elfman) and Greg Montgomery (Thomas Gibson), who come from entirely different backgrounds. Dharma is a free-spirited yoga instructor while Greg is a straight-laced lawyer. The show humorously highlights their unique personalities and their decision to embrace a childfree lifestyle, allowing them to lead spontaneous, adventurous lives together.

Fleabag – 8.7

This critically acclaimed comedy follows the life of Phoebe (Sian Clifford), a young woman struggling with grief and relationships. Without kids in the picture, Fleabag offers a refreshingly realistic take on modern adulthood and the challenges that come with it.

Friends – 8.9

Friends is a beloved 90s sitcom that follows the lives of six close-knit friends as they navigate the ups and downs of life in Manhattan. While the show includes storylines related to parenthood, it primarily highlights the joys and challenges of friendships, careers, and personal relationships. Several characters, including Ross and Monica, do become parents during the series, but it also showcases the diverse paths and priorities of its ensemble cast, with characters like Joey and Rachel embracing the childfree lifestyle.

Grace and Frankie – 8.2

The central premise of Grace and Frankie centers around two women dealing with their husbands coming out as gay. While the two women comedically  grieve and struggle through the process of letting go of their marriages, the show also highlights the newfound freedom and adventures that can come with later stages of life.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – 8.8

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a comedy series that follows a group of self-absorbed friends running an Irish bar in Philadelphia. The show humorously portrays their dysfunctional lives and friendships, often showcasing the freedom to make spontaneous choices and pursue their own desires without the responsibilities of parenthood.


Love is a romantic comedy series that follows the on-again, off-again relationship between two seemingly mismatched individuals, Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) and Gus (Paul Rust). The show begins with the two characters meeting for the first time and follows them as they weave in and out between one another’s lives. The series explores their personal struggles, romantic ups and downs, and the pursuit of happiness (without the pursuit of children).

New Girl – 7.8

If you enjoy Friends or Broad City, New Girl might be the next show for you. The characters in this light sitcom live together in a New York City loft and navigate the challenges of adulthood. The show explores their personal and romantic lives, emphasizing the importance of friendships and individual growth without a central focus on parenthood.

Parks and Recreation – 8.6

Parks and Recreation is a mockumentary-style sitcom centered around the quirky employees of the Parks and Recreation Department in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana. Lead by the ambitious, overly optimistic Leslie Knope and her peculiar employees, the cast looks to keep together the fledgling Parks and Rec department of their town. 

While some characters in the series have children, the show mainly highlights the diverse paths and adventures of its ensemble cast, including the childfree Leslie Knope (Amy Poeler) and the child-hating Jen Barkley (Kathryn Hahn).

Seinfeld – 8.9

Seinfeld is a beloved 90s sitcom that humorously explores the childfree lifestyle of a group of friends living in New York City. Seinfeld is renowned for not only being one of the greatest comedies of the 90s, but also for being “a show about nothing,” which, in and of itself, is a feat in the drama-demanding environment of Hollywood. 

The Good Place – 8.2

The Good Place is a comey that begins by introducing us to Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell), who, after her death, finds herself in the afterlife’s Good Place. However, there’s a twist – she quickly realizes she doesn’t belong there due to her less-than-moral life on Earth.

The King of Queens — 7.4

The King of Queens is a sitcom centered around Doug and Carrie Heffernan, a married couple living in Queens, New York. While the show occasionally touches on the idea of starting a family, it primarily emphasizes the humor and dynamics of their childfree life. The series portrays their loving relationship and the humorous situations they encounter while enjoying their time together.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 8.7 

Set in the late 1950s, this Emmy-winning series follows Miriam “Midge” Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan) as she navigates the male-dominated world of stand-up comedy. As a successful comedian with no kids in sight, Midge serves as a powerful role model for women everywhere.

The Mindy Project – 7.5

 Mindy Kaling’s character in this sitcom is a successful OB-GYN who enjoys her single life and career. The show celebrates the freedom to make personal and professional choices without the constraints of parenthood.

The Office – 9.0

The Office is a mockumentary-style sitcom that depicts the daily lives of employees at the Dunder-Mifflin paper company. While the show primarily revolves around workplace humor, it does explore the personal lives of its characters. Notably, the character Phyllis chooses to be childfree throughout the entire series, emphasizing her career aspirations and personal journey.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt7.6   

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a Netflix comedy series about a woman who escapes from a doomsday cult and starts a new life in New York City. The show focuses on Kimmy’s comedic discoveries in her newfound freedom, including the friendships and personal growth she achieves without the pursuit of parenthood.

Veep – 8.4

Veep is a political satire series that follows the life of Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dryefus), a fictional female Vice President and later President of the United States. While Selina does have a daughter, the main focus of the show is centered around the humorous chaos of politics and the pursuit of power.

Will & Grace – 7.3

Will & Grace is a smart comedy about friends who share a deep bond that transcends traditional relationships. The series portrays the humorous aspects of their lives as they pursue careers and love interests without ever wanting kids.


Gentleman Jack – 8.2

Gentleman Jack is a historical drama series based on the life of Anne Lister, a 19th-century landowner and diarist. The show explores her life and her relationships, including her female-centered romantic interests. The show explores how Lister went against multiple taboos at the time, including her ability to own land, have lesbian relationships, and not pursue children.

Person of Interest – 8.5

Person of Interest is a crime drama series that explores the ethical implications of surveillance and artificial intelligence. The show centers around preventing crimes and protecting individuals while avoiding delving deeply into the characters’ personal lives, which means all of the characters portrayed don’t explicitly pursue parenthood.

Succession – 8.9

Succession is a drama series that follows the lives of the Roy family, a wealthy and powerful media conglomerate dynasty. At its core, the show delves into the intricate power struggles, family dynamics, and cutthroat business that define the lives of the Roys. 

While the series occasionally touches on family and personal relationships, it primarily focuses on the pursuit of wealth, influence, and dominance in modern-day corporate America and the lengths to which someone will go to secure their legacy and control over the family business. If you enjoy the deep family dramas like Yellowstone or The Sopranoes, then this HBO series might be your next favorite.

UnREAL – 7.8

UnREAL is a drama series that provides a behind-the-scenes look at the production of a fictional dating reality show. Instead of focusing on making babies, the show looks to develop the contestants’ personal growth and help them overcome personal struggles. 


Bored to Death – 7.9

Bored to Death is a dramedy series that follows a struggling writer (Jason Scwartzman) who moonlights as an unlicensed private detective in the streets of Brooklyn. He uses old detective novels to come up with solutions to various scenarios, but as he continues to attempt to solve crimes, both his personal and professional life begin to crumble and collide.

Californication – 8.3

This dark comedy-drama series centers around a troubled writer in Los Angeles and the inherently chaotic trials and tribulations of the entertainment industry. While our main character does struggle, the show explores the pursuit of personal happiness and creative freedom without having kids to tend to.

Dead to Me – 8.0

This dark comedy series follows the friendship between two women who meet at a grief support group. One of the main characters, Jen (Christina Applegate), is a mother, while the other, Judy (Linda Cardellini), is childfree. The show explores their unique perspectives on life and coping with challenges after Jen (somewhat) accidentally murders her cheating husband in the pool.

Dear White People – 6.4

Dear White People is a dramedy series that examines the lives of African American students at a predominantly white Ivy League university that is not as “post-racial” as it thinks. The show’s stories delve into issues of race, identity, social justice, and the slippery politics of collegiate education.

High Maintenance – 8.1

High Maintenance is a comedy-drama series that follows a nameless cannabis delivery guy (Ben Sinclair) as he encounters various customers in New York City, exploring the diverse lives of the characters and situations he encounters.

Insecure – 8.1

Insecure is a comedy-drama series exploring the lives of two best friends, Issa and Molly, as they navigate relationships, careers, and personal growth in Los Angeles, all while highlighting the challenges and triumphs of single, childfree lives.

Master of None – 8.2

This show’s protagonist, Dev Shah (Aziz Ansari), leads a single, childfree life in New York City. It explores his career, relationships, and the freedom someone can have without the constraints of parenthood.

Transparent – 7.8

This Amazon Original series follows the life of Maura Pfefferman (Jeffrey Tambor), a transgender woman whose family dynamics are put to the test when her father passes away. With its nuanced portrayal of gender identity and sexuality, Transparent offers a thought-provoking exploration of family and love without kids in the equation.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – 8.3

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a supernatural drama series that follows Buffy Summers, a young woman chosen to battle vampires and other supernatural foes. While the show deals with the personal lives and relationships of its characters, including their relationships, none of them have kids

Firefly – 9.0

Firefly is a cult-classic science fiction series set in a future where humanity has colonized other planets. It follows the ragtag crew of the spaceship Serenity. Captain Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds leads his eclectic group as they navigate a lawless frontier, taking on odd jobs and heists to survive. Through their adventures, the show explores themes of freedom, independence, and the pursuit of a non-conventional lifestyle, away from traditional family structures or parenthood.

Game of Thrones – 9.2

Game of Thrones is a fantasy drama series based on George R.R. Martin’s book series, A Song of Ice and Fire. The show takes place in a medieval-style world and features a sprawling ensemble cast. While it does include characters who are parents and explore themes of lineage and succession, it also features characters (like Tyrion Lannister) who remain childfree by choice and focus on political intrigue, personal growth, and survival.


Russian Doll – 7.7

Natasha (Natasha Lyonne) finds herself stuck in a time loop, reliving the same night over and over again in this Netflix original series. With its dark humor and poignant moments, Russian Doll offers a unique take on mortality and the human condition, without kids in the mix.

Sherlock – 9.1

Sherlock is a modern adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic detective stories. The series follows the brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his loyal friend and partner, Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman), as they solve complex cases in contemporary London.


No Tomorrow – 7.2

In this romantic comedy series, a young woman named Evie meets a free-spirited man who believes the world will end in less than a year. Their adventures together highlight the pursuit of personal passions and experiences without the traditional responsibilities of parenthood.

Rules of Engagement – 7.3

Rules of Engagement is a comedy series that delves into the lives of three different couples, each at different stages of their relationships. While the show includes couples with children, it also features the childfree couple, Jeff (Patrick Warburton) and Audrey (Megyn Price). Their storyline explores the freedom, spontaneity, and humor that come with a childfree marriage, contrasting it with the challenges faced by their friends with children.

Sex and the City – 7.3

This iconic series follows the lives of four women living in New York City as they pursue (several) relationships. Several of the main characters, particularly Samantha (Kim Catrall), embrace a childfree lifestyle.

Younger – 7.8

Younger explores the life of Liza Miller, a 40-year-old woman who pretends to be in her 20s to secure a job in the competitive world of publishing. The show highlights the excitement of reinvention and career advancement without the responsibilities of raising children.

These TV shows offer a range of perspectives on the positives of being childfree, from career opportunities and personal growth to the freedom to explore different aspects of life without highlighting or focusing on the pursuit of parenthood.

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