Squad Goals: Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples and Groups

As the leaves rustle and pumpkins line the streets, it can mean only one thing—Halloween is approaching. 

Yes, indeed, the season of spooks, ghouls, and treats is upon us, and with it comes the annual quest for the perfect Halloween costume. For some, the choice is clear from the start: a timeless classic is the only way to go. Others may be looking for something different or a little more innovative. Well, whatever your preference, we have ideas that span the spectrum of creativity. Whether you’re looking to pay homage to classic Halloween characters, dive into characters from beloved movies and TV shows, or channel the spirit of historical eras, we’ve got you covered.

While some of our suggestions here do have kids make appearances, you can always adapt the costume by getting clothes and gear that fit the person or pet you’re hoping to dress up. So get ready to turn heads and spook souls as we unveil a collection of Halloween costumes that celebrate the art of dressing up like never before.

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Classic Halloween Costumes

Witch: Stirring up potions and casting spells, a witch is the OG Halloween enchantress. Grab your broomstick and hat – it’s time to brew some fun!

Wizard: With a beard long enough to make Dumbledore proud, you’ll be conjuring up tricks and magic spells all night long. Don’t forget your wizard’s robe and pointy hat!

Vampire: Sink your teeth into this classic costume. With a cape and a hypnotic gaze, you’ll be the life of the night. Just stay away from the garlic-y appetizers!

Zombie: Embrace the undead life and shuffle through Halloween night as a brain-hungry zombie. Just remember not to trip over your own feet!

And if you need a little helping hand transitioning into the world of the undead, there’s a zombie costume out there for you!

Ghost: If you’re looking for a costume that’s boo-tifully simple, don a white sheet and become a ghost. You’ll be hauntingly charming.

Mummy: Wrapped up in toilet paper or bandages, you’ll be the unraveled mystery of the party as a mummy. Try not to lose your wrappings as you dance the night away!

Frankenstein’s Monster: Bolted together and ready to party, you’ll be electrifying the dance floor as Frankenstein’s iconic creation.

Want a little help getting the nuts and bolts of this one down? Check out a simple Frankenstein costume here!

Skeleton: Showing off your inner anatomy has never been more fun. As a skeleton, you’ll have all your bones in the right place to dance the night away.

Black Cat: Cross paths with luck on Halloween night by dressing up as this superstitious feline. Who knows! It might just bring you good luck on Halloween night. Purr-fectly mysterious!

Pumpkin: Carve out some time for Halloween fun by dressing up as a cheerful (or spooky!) pumpkin. Just don’t forget to light up your jack-o’-lantern’s toothy grin.

Bride of Frankenstein: Become the iconic bride of the mad scientist and rock that electrifying hairdo. Have your partner dress up as Frankenstein and voila! It’s a match made in the afterlife!

A Sailor and a Siren: Set sail on Halloween night with one dressed as a brave sailor and the other as a mesmerizing siren. Together, you’ll create a sea of enchantment.

And if you want to make that Siren costume sweet as a song, check out one of our favorite options here!

Movie-Themed Halloween Costumes

Star Wars: From the dark side with Darth Vader to the rebel alliance with Princess Leia to the loyal sidekick Chewy, a galaxy far, far away is calling you to join the Halloween festivities.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Embrace the whimsy of Tim Burton’s world by becoming Jack Skellington, Sally, or Oogie Boogie while creating a Halloween-Christmas party your friends won’t soon forget!

If you’re not the crafting type, you may want to simply knab a premade Jack, Sally, or Zero! Sometimes, the easier, the better!

Marvel Avengers: Assemble your own team of superheroes, be it Superman, Wonder Woman, or anyone else in the league. Unleash your superpowers on Halloween night while you Hulk-smash some dance moves!

Wizard of Oz: Follow the yellow brick road and step into the shoes (or ruby slippers) of Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, or the Wicked Witch for an Oz-some Halloween adventure or, if you want to be more unconventional, consider dressing up as the house and the tornado!

Beetlejuice: It’s showtime! Bring the zany, afterlife antics of Beetlejuice, Lydia, and the crew to your Halloween party.

Photo Credit: Friday We’re In Love

Back to the Future: Hop in your DeLorean and travel through time as Marty McFly, Doc Brown, or (if you have a willing pet or fellow member of your family) even the iconic time-traveling car.

Ghostbusters: Who you gonna call?! Equip your proton pack and get ready to bust some spooks this Halloween as your costume dream team dresses up as a ghostbuster, Slimer, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and anyone else in this fantastical version of New York.

If you fancy a premade costume, you can buy your own jumpsuit (with proton pack) or Slimer costume!

Spirited Away: Enter the fantastical world of Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away as you dress up the adventurous Chihiro, wise No Face, or the old and insecure Aniba.

A League of Their Own: Batter up! Hit a home run with the female-forward baseball team and their coach who’s desperate to help them win.

Shawshank Redemption: Break out of Shawshank Prison and relive the gripping drama of this classic film for Halloween by dressing up as Red Redding, Andy Defresne, and even Andy’s wall! Don’t forget to keep your rock hammer handy so you can slowly dig a hole in your cell over the span of 19 years!

Grease: We got chills, they’re multiplyin’! Put on your leather jacket and poodle skirt and groove to the rhythm of Grease by dressing up as your favorite of these iconic characters.

Historical and Time Period Halloween Costumes

Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh and Cleopatra: Rule the Nile in regal Egyptian attire, adorned with jewels, scepters, and hieroglyphs.

Want to avoid DIY-ing this ancient combo? Check out these great pharaoh and Cleopatra costumes for your haunted evening!

Founding Fathers and the Declaration of Independence: Draft the ultimate Halloween party with a historical twist by embodying the Founding Fathers alongside their co-authored 1776 document (and any other American icons you feel like integrating).

Because we no longer live in the 1800s, that attire may be tricky to find. Here’s one of our favorite ensembles that has everything needed!

Roaring Twenties Flapper and Mafia Gangster: Charleston your way through the night in a flapper dress or take on the role of a suave gangster from the Prohibition era. If you’re feeling especially rogue, feel free to channel your inner Bonnie and Clyde and outrun the law together.

EveryEra” of Taylor Swift: Shake it off as you and yours transition through the various eras of Taylor Swift’s career, from country to folksy to pop sensation.

Photo credit: Brit + Co

1980s Pop Star or Rockers: Rock out in neon and leather as an ’80s pop star or channel your inner rocker with big hair and even bigger attitude. Get ready to channel your inner Bowie or Madonna and rock the night away!

TV-Themed Halloween Costumes

Photo Credit: Sarah Hearts

Bojack Horseman: “Horse” around as Bojack and his feline agent, Princess Caroline, from the Emmy-Award-winning animated series.

Stranger Things: Investigate the supernatural as characters from Hawkins and face the Demogorgon on Halloween night. From Mike to Eleven to a box of Eggo waffles, there are numerous ways to dress up and celebrate your favorite Netflix horror series.

Great British Baking Show: Don your apron and become a star baker, Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood, a “soggy bottom” pie, or any of the other judges, commentators, or baked goods for this delightful baking-themed costume.

Ted Lasso: Bring positivity and football spirit to your Halloween party as Ted, Rebecca, Keely, Roy, or one of the other lovable characters from the show.

If you’re ready to gather the Diamond Dogs, you can check out some Richmond swag here and here.

Adventure Time: Embark on an adventure in a post-apocalyptic world by dressing up as Finn, Jake, or any of the other inhabitants of the Land of Ooo.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

Schitt’s Creek: Say “Ew, David!” and embrace the hilarity of Schitt’s Creek with costumes inspired by the Rose family and their bizarre-o lives.

Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul: Cook up some trouble as Walter White, smooth-talk your way into the courtroom as Saul Goodman, keep things tight with Kim Wexler, or dress up as another one of the iconic members of the Albuquerque underworld.

Yellowstone: Become a part of the Dutton ranch and protect your land by being Beth, Rip, or any one of the other signature characters.  

Spongebob: Dive into Bikini Bottom and become SpongeBob, Patrick, or any of the beloved characters from the underwater world.

If you need a little help getting to your pineapple under the sea, check out some of our favorite inflatable Spongebob costumes here and here. They really add an over-the-top animated touch.

Rick & Morty: Journey across dimensions and timelines as the eccentric scientist Rick, his grandson Morty, or any other character from this animated series.

Bob’s Burgers: Serve up some laughs and become the Belcher family, Teddy, Jimmy Jr. or any of the other characters from Bob’s Burgers.

Scooby-Doo: Solve mysteries with Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, Fred, and unmask the ghosts haunting your Halloween party.

Peanuts: Join Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy, and the gang for a nostalgic and heartwarming Halloween celebration. If you have more than two for your party, don’t forget to have one of them dress up as the Great Pumpkin!

The Flintstones: Yabba-dabba-doo! Transport yourself to the Stone Age as Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, or any of the Flintstones.

The Simpsons Family: Springfield awaits! Embrace the iconic yellow skin and become Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, or Maggie.

Any other TV show: Pick your favorite TV show and dress up as its main characters, side characters, or even the most memorable objects from the series. Let your TV obsession shine!

Food-and-Beverage-Themed Halloween Costumes

Butter and Lobster: Spread some simple delight with the chique and delicious duo of butter and lobster.

Peanut Butter and Jelly: Join forces as the classic combo of peanut butter and jelly and create a sweet and savory Halloween ensemble.

To get both sides of this reliable sandwich, check out one of our top PB&J costumes here.

Mac & Cheese and a Fork: Get cheesy and dress as everyone’s favorite comfort food, mac ‘n’ cheese and have your fork alongside it to chow it down.

Popcorn and Butter: Pop into the party as a bag of buttery popcorn, ready to be devoured by hungry partygoers. Feel free to add movie tickets and movie seats if you have a larger party!

Photo Credit: Alex Tepper

Bagel, Lox, and/or Cream Cheese: Start your Halloween with this classic breakfast combo.

To get your bagel, salmon, and schmears altogether, check out this combo that has all you need to make this classic New York combo.

Ice Cream and Ice Cream Person: Scoop up the fun with an ice cream cone costume, and let your pet be the cherry, hot fudge bottle, or whipped cream on top!

Burger and Fries: Serve up some fast food fun with one person as a burger and the pets as condiments. Any other members of your party can be sodas, desserts, or other fixin’s – it’s a meal deal!

Photo Credit: Brit + Co

Sushi: Roll into the party as a delicious sushi platter, complete with rice, fish, and all the fixings.

Sugar and Cavity: Sweet and scary, this costume duo features one person as candy and another as a tooth with a giant cavity. While you can do any candy, we recommend choosing the one that gave you your last cavity. If you have more than two people joining your party, consider their roles to be the dentist, the drill, the toothbrush, the toothpaste, or other dental tools. It’ll be a dental nightmare come to life!

For a trio of dentist-themed costumes, check out this combo of dental item-inspired costumes.

Pop Culture-Themed Costumes

Pac-Man: Create a retro gaming sensation by becoming characters from the iconic Pac-Man arcade game, including Ms. Pac Man and the hungry ghosts, Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde.

Super Mario Bros.: Level up your Halloween game as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, or any of the beloved characters from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Photo Credit: Abby Park

A Famous Work of Art: Transform yourself into a living masterpiece by recreating a famous work of art in costume form. You could be a DaVinci, Van Gogh, Picasso, or, for a little risque twist, the statue of David! 

Aliens: Enter the realm of the extraterrestrial and become aliens, X-Files agents, human abductees, and even pet abductees for an out-of-this-world Halloween.

If you’re game to be abducted this halloween, check out this for a costume that’s out of this world!

Astronauts: Blast off into space as astronauts, complete with pet companions as planets, meteors, and spaceships.

Girl Scout and Cookies: Serve up some sweetness as a Girl Scout selling her delicious cookies.

Photo Credit: Studio DIY

Cereal Mascots: Cereal characters, assemble! Become iconic cereal mascots like Count Chocula, Boo Berry, Tony the Tiger, or Toucan Sam.

Judge and Criminal: Have someone dress up as a prisoner and uphold justice with the judge. Any other members of your party can be police officers, jurors, or other members of the court. If you’re feeling especially creative, pay tribute to your favorite judge of all time, be it Thurgood Marshall, Judge Judy, or the Notorious RBG.

Hammer and Nail: Really hit the nail on the head by dressing as two of the most valuable construction tools!

Need a starting place? Check out this premade hammer costume!

Emergency Phone Signals: Send out spooky signals as warnings like “No WiFi,” “Low battery,” “SOS,” or “Updates available” – it’s a terrifyingly tech-savvy twist on the average costume.

Student and Student Loan: What’s more terrifying than having $200,000 debt and no job right out of college? That’s what makes this costume extremely spooky! If you have more than two coming with the crew, you can also have someone dress up as a credit score, mom’s basement, etc. 

Winnie the Pooh and a Jar of Honey: Take a journey to the Hundred Acre Wood as the lovable bear, Winnie the Pooh, and his favorite treat.

Nintendo Switch Controllers: Get your game on with costumes inspired by Nintendo Switch controllers – just don’t press pause on the fun!

If you want to hustle on Halloween as your favorite gaming system, checkout this to knab both controllers!

Party Animals: Let loose and party as animals dressed to impress – it’s a wild night of celebration. Dress up in your favorite party attire, don an animal mask, and voila! You’re a party animal!

Photo Credit: Creating Really Awesome Fun Things (C.R.A.F.T.)

Operation – Is it water on the knee? Now, you can find out by recreating this classic Hasbro game in costume form. Just be sure to not touch the side!

Animal-Themed Halloween Costumes

Mythical Creatures: Dive into the realm of myth and legend as mythical creatures like Sasquatch, Nessie, or a majestic unicorn, and leave people wondering, “Did I just see what I think I saw?!”

Sea Creatures: Explore the depths of the ocean with costumes inspired by seahorses, giant squids, jellyfish, and other sea life swimming on the ocean floor.

Shark and Surfer: Ride the waves as a cool surfer catching waves while your friend/partner/pet plays the apex predator as a fearsome shark. 

If you’re going solo and in the mood for some humor, you can combine both of these ideas into one costume!

Endangered Species: Raise awareness about endangered animals by dressing up as a group of endangered species such as pandas, rhinos, tigers, and polar bears. It’s a meaningful and educational costume choice.

Dinosaurs and Paleontologists: Step into the prehistoric world as a group of dinosaurs, and let some members play the role of intrepid paleontologists hunting for fossils.

Zoo Escapees: Imagine a group of zoo animals making a daring escape! Choose costumes like zebras, penguins, kangaroos, and pandas as they venture out into the city. Feel free to add some extra escapee flair while they’re on the lam, like prison uniforms, ankle GPS trackers, or ball-and-chains.

Farmyard Friends: Bring the farm to the Halloween party with a farmyard theme. Dress up as cows, pigs, chickens, farmers, and even a scarecrow to complete the rural ensemble.

Photo Credit:

Woodland Creatures: Embrace the enchantment of the forest by becoming woodland creatures. Transform into wise owls, sly foxes, fluffy squirrels, and adorable raccoons.

These Halloween costume ideas should cover a wide range of themes and provide plenty of inspiration for your Halloween celebrations and if you don’t see one that strikes your fancy? Check out some other creative DIY costumes to get some inspiration of your own! Whether you’re a nerd or the most popular person in town, there’s sure to be a costume out there that fits your 2023 Halloween celebration hopes. Find your perfect one and happy haunting! 


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